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Korg PX5D Pandora Guitar and Bass Multi Effects Processor: Musical Instruments

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Picture Of Korg PX5D Pandora Guitar and Bass Multi Effects Processor
Korg PX5D Pandora Guitar and Bass Multi Effects Processor

Amazon Price: $330.00 (as of April 19, 2014 5:09 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The all new KORG Pandora PX5D Multi-effects Processor for Guitar and Bass is the first ever USB equipped Pandora. In addition to hundreds of great effects and practice tracks, the PX5D USB and bundled recording software provides a totally complete guitar/bass recording interface! The Korg PANDORA series is famous for packing dozens of realistic modeling effects and a multitude of versatile functions into a pocket-sized unit. Korg is proud to announce the new PANDORA PX5D, optimized to work with your computer as a powerful recording tool. This new multi-effect processor for guitar and bass is the first in the PANDORA series to provide a USB/audio interface for direct connection to your desktop or laptop computer. The PX5D can be plugged into a computer and used in conjunction with your audio sequencer software to easily make CD-quality recordings. The new PX5D joins Korg’s respected PANDORA series, famous for packing high-quality sounds and ease of use into a pocket size unit; easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime. The PX5D provides a total of 180 realistic and wide-ranging effects created using Korg’s world-acclaimed, proprietary 'REMS' modeling technology. Included are simulations that recreate classic vintage and modern, high-gain amps, as well as effects ranging from the familiar to the unique. Numerous effects designed specifically for bass are also included, making the PX5D a great choice not only for the guitarist but for the bassist as well. In a first for the PANDORA series, a USB-MIDI/USB audio interface is also provided, allowing you to use the PX5D with your computer to transfer audio data or record into your DAW software. There’s also dedicated editor/librarian software that lets you edit and manage programs from your computer. All the classic features you have come expect from the PANDORA are also present, to help the guitarist or bassist practice, perform and record.

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  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.8 x 6 inches ; 1.1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds
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  • Item model number: PX5D
  • Date first available at Amazon.com: April 13, 2004

Customer Reviews

Useful to the Max

 July 17, 2010
By Kyo-Jin Lee "jinithith2"
I’ve had the Pandora for two weeks now and I’ve used it extensively. So far, I am pleased that I bit the bullet and shelled out the money for this thing. It’s loaded with all sorts of features, and most importantly, it prevents me from being turned off my instrument because of crappy sound (I am on vacation, about 7000 miles away from my beloved amps and mixers and doodads and geegaws).

But take note, if you are listening to this thing through mediocre headphones or earbuds, you will hear a very sub-par and overall tremendously frustrating sound. For example, my Sony earbuds that I would rate 8/10 for iPod listening makes the Pandora sound totally tinny- scoops out all the mids, boosts the uselessly high treble and muddies up the bass. You will sit there trying to dial in a usable tone cursing the paint off your walls.

On the other hand, I have a pair of Audio-Technica M50 studio monitor headphones (no product endorsement, just saying what works for me) that sounds fantastic with the Pandora. So I guess the moral of my story is to pair this headphone amp with headphones that have a flat EQ response.

Because the Pandora is marketed as a headphone amp doesn’t mean you are confined to headphones. I plugged the Pandora into a cheap bass amp and my guitar actually sounded pretty good! I can’t wait to plug it into a good sound system and let it scream. From what I’ve heard, people have had a lot of success with going direct into PA or going through guitar or bass amps.

As far as the effects go, they gave me pretty much all I need and much much more. I am overall impressed with the built in reverb and delay effects, and the distortion sounds very good also. Some of the effects work in stereo so you can get that left to right rotary speaker effect. On top of the effects that I use all the time (reverb, distortion, compression, etc.) there are some WACKY stuff in here that I really haven’t been able to use except for a few laughs. The intelligent harmonizer holds some potential although the tracking has a tiny, barely noticeable but noticeable hesitation. But since I’m greedy and I like having the option of oodles of stuff even though I might not use them, I would rate the effects on the Pandora 9/10 (where 10 is reserved for OMG EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD)

Korg put a lot of amp/cab/effect combo presets onto the Pandora, and when I started out, I used “Linkin” for my distortion, “Pop” for clean chorusy stuff and “Fab4″ for clean tones. I ended up being 10% dissatisfied with them, so I just made my own presets and now I am 99% satisfied. The tweaks weren’t big, like dialing down the distortion and adding a touch of reverb to “Linkin” preset and killing the teeny OD on “Fab4″ etc. Much like the effects, some of the presets are wacked out. There is a preset on there called “Ill” and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use it in a musical way. Another preset called “Fire” has a really cool fuzzed out sound for single note melodies but goes haywire when you start playing harmonies. It might work really nicely for Muse basslines and such.

One thing I like about this is the AUX input and how it can transcribe recordings to your desire. It has made learning new songs for vocals and guitar much more convenient. The bass canceler function seems to work pretty well, and I imagine it would come in really handy, although I am separated from my bass right now. Korg included a lot of drum loops and an option to add basslines to those drum loops for jamming and practice purposes, but I wouldn’t build my career on those drum/bass loops… they can sound kinda cheesy.

The construction of the Pandora looks very solid. I was worried at first that the Pandora would be built like the Korg tuners, which are light plastic without much heft, but I was happy to find that the Pandora feels really rugged. The instruction manual is comprehensive and is multilingual (if you ever get the urge to learn how to talk about flangers in German or something…)! I’ve been using batteries to power mine since I didn’t get a wall adapter, and I burned through a pair of AAs in a week and a half of thorough use.

Other than that, the thing comes with a mini version of Ableton Live, the adapter cable for the footswitches (not included, planning on getting one myself) and the USB cable. Korg even included little rubber pads so the little rectangle doesn’t get pulled off the table.

Overall, very happy with the product. Cheers, Korg!

For people who don’t want to read all of my drivel,

Great sound with good listening devices
Lots of useful effects
Lots of useful amp and cabinet models
Good presets
Very utilitarian (backlight option for the screen, etc.)
Solid construction

Some effects and presets I would never use
Doesn’t come with wall adapter
Small learning curve in navigating through the menu

Adjusting volume balance between aux and input is finicky.

Great new toy !

 August 16, 2009
By R. Lay
Actually this device is much more than a toy. I record weekly with a keyboard player and I no longer need to take my guitar amplifier to this session. I just carry the PX5D along with the necessary cords and attach it directly to his mixer which is hooked directly to his PC. I can change guitar sounds as the music requires. I can also plug the PX5D into my PC via a USB port and quickly edit the user settings for sounds and also program rhythm chains easily. The device seems to be very well made and has performed flawlessly so far .

GREAT processor!

 December 28, 2009
By T. Bush
Rarely do I take the time to rate a product, but I’ve been very happy with the PX5 since I got it for Christmas. It’s been REALLY fun! It’s easy to use, sounds really good, and makes playing a blast. If you’re seriously thinking of getting a processor, I highly suggest this product. The ONLY complaint I have is that the power cord is not included. It doesn’t seem to be sucking down batteries, but I’d rather run in with an AC adapter. I’ll have to purchase that soon….. Overall, 5 stars!

Awesome Gadget

 May 13, 2009
By wilson
This device is just too much fun. I thought there was actually 700 rythms, but it does not really. It has 128 rhythms, which is composed of drums (three variations) and bass (three variations). Bass can be set to off, drums don’t have that option. The device is very easy to customize/change the sounds using the free software that comes with it. I have to read the instructions to figure out how to set the chains on the device itself, but with the software is a breeze. There twenty chains that can be customized. Each chain has 16 tracks with the option of repeating each rhythm a max of 4 times per track. Creating a rhythm for a song is easy. Like I said before there are three variations of drum and bass and a key (scale) can be set for each individual track. This is useful when you have a key change in the middle of a song. The phraser is awesome and very easy to use. press phraser and start playing. it will automatically stop recording when you stop playing and continue looping automatically. This is fun. You’ll be hooked on it for hours.

Bad Sound Through An Amp? Here’s why:

 January 26, 2013
By The Rock
I love my Pandora px5d! Before I bought mine people who owned one said it sovnded BAD through an amp. After I got mine, I noticed that the headphone/amp output is 32 ohms BUT, I’m certain most(OR NO!) amps have a 32 ohm input! So set the output vol on the px5d VERY LOW (10 or less) and adjust the amp vol & gain to get good sound! WORX 4 ME!

Love it!

 February 23, 2012
By TC "wvirginian"
I buy each newer version of the Korg Guitar multi effects processor, and am never disappointed in the expansion of choices, including rhythm and effects. This version is quite user friendly at a basic level, with plenty of room to get deeper into the capabilities. A bargain!


 December 7, 2008
By A. Hobbs
this is one great piece of gear , sounds are amazing and it pretty much does it all,modeling ,effects , bass,phrase trainer,recording interface,metronome ,tuner..rythem tracks with programable drum and bass.
this is a budding shredders dream tool as well

Very Pleased

 January 28, 2014
By joe
Straightforward once you get used to it, loaded with effects, plenty of beats for practicing, and a USB connection that lets you use a whole host of recording and editing software. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a compact effects/recording unit.

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